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seibletadia (USA), 08/12/2018

Delightful... more please!
Paul Milnes (London), 30/08/2011

Inspiring, lovely to see the expressions on the faces of the players; intimate, excellent choice of programme - pieces complementing each other beautifully, and of course, all excellently played.
Martin Read - composer, 22/10/2009

Beautiful and uplifting.
Caitlin Hulcup - mezzo soprano, 30/09/2009

A lovely concert, the programme was so wonderfully varied.
Jonathan Burton, 29/09/2009

I was bowled over by your musicianship - beautiful singing and playing. It was a wonderful mix of interesting and really new and fresh pieces.
Lucy Diack, 24/06/2009

Congratulations to your group on a terrific concert.
Gordon Carr- composer, 30/10/2008

Your obvious enjoyment in your performances shines throuhg and does you great credit.
Anthony Randall - composer, 08/09/2008

A wonderful concert involving attractive instrumental and voice combination...
John McKeown (Brighton), 08/09/2008