groupcrop Morphosen is a flexible ensemble made up of a small group of talented musicians. Their focus is to perform interesting and colourful chamber music spanning a wide period of time. Morphosen will look different each time you see it perform, as a different combination of performers will be needed according to the repertoire selected. The pool of musicians includes cello, clarinet/saxophone, flute, horn, piano, and soprano voice.

Morphosen derived its name from several different words: ‘morph’ - a variant form in the natural world; ‘morphing’- computer manipulation of an image into another image; ‘morpho’ a particularly beautiful species of butterfly (butterflies having several different appearances during their life cycle) and the first few letters of ensemble.

Morphosen believe in performing a variety of music in each of their concerts so that audience members can enjoy the music that they already like and have a taste of something they might not have listened to before.

Photograph by Andrew Errington